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Christian Farmer

Director, BNP Paribas Real Estate

Thank you for producing the Risk Assessment and Water Safety Policy in respect of the Dungeness Estate.  I am especially grateful for your practical and insightful approach and advice which resulted in the delivery of reports which were fine-tuned and bespoke to meet the particular challenges of the Dungeness Estate

Richard Gray

Training Centre Principal, Gailey Wharf Training Centre

An essential and invaluable course if potentially working in a flood environment and being issued with personal protective equipment. Very well delivered, informative and something new, even for experienced hands

Tim Fowler

Team Leader Wirral MBC

Thank you for your professionalism and sharing your wealth of experience in risk assessing our coastline and providing a comprehensive water safety management policy. What was particularly helpful was your pragmatic approach to providing advice and on coastal signage, appropriate control measures and guidance on training, tailored specifically for Wirral Borough Council.  

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