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Aquatic Safety Qualification

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Do you have staff operating in, on or around the water? This occupational aquatic safety qualification will develop confidence and competence, enabling staff to make informed decisions when conducting waterside activities. The vocational qualification, ASQ, is and interlinked suite of modules structured to comply with the requirements of industry and support organisations to meet their statutory obligations. The flexible programme can be tailored to meet specific industry needs. This qualification is externally accredited by the Institute for Outdoor Learning. The ASQ has three levels: The Level 1 core module, Aquatic Safety Principles, provides the underpinning knowledge for good water safety management practices and primary emergency rescue skills. This is a 4hr course. Level 2 comprises of a suite of environment specific modules, including Beach, Inland Water and Flood (DEFRA compliant), that build on the foundations developed in Level 1. The modules focus upon environmental knowledge, activity hazards and the use of specialist equipment. Level 2 modules are 3hrs in length. Level 3 consists of a series of high-level deep-water rescue modules that equips workers and leaders with supervision and in-water rescue skills, to be able to risk assess the environment and perform emergency water rescue intervention. Level 3 modules are 3 hrs in length. Specialist modules include: • Deep Water Rescue – emergency response and casualty management • Aquaparks - supervising aquaparks • Open Water Swimming - supervising organised open water swim sessions • Pool Supervision - supervising organised activities in a swimming pool • Maritime/Offshore Management training of water safety staff

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